Marta Areosa

Marta Areosa



Retorno — identity webdesign

Retorno is a project on the 2017’s fires that took over green areas in the interior of Portugal. Started by Inês Luzio as a response to this tragic event, the project grew into a kind of documentary with a special soundtrack. It had two physical presentations with a live music performance, and is now hosted in the website.

For the graphic identity, I felt like I needed to somehow bring the movement of the film into the images, with a notion of time: the past, present and future. This is, at the end, what what the project goes about: questioning what impact this event had on people’s lives, how it came to happened, and what changed after it.

For the website, I saw there was a need of movement to make it dynamic and also to contextualise the outcome of the project. There are three looped videos that randomly play across all the website that in a way work as a trailer to the film.

You can check the website here.